How Do I Find a Mentor I Can Work With?

Having a mentor can be one of the best ways to travel directly from where you are now to where you want to be sometime in the future with as few deviations as possible, but how do I find a mentor I can work with?

Finding a mentor or guide begins with you clearly identifying your exact expectations. What is it that you want to be able to achieve by having someone mentor you.

Many people are very disappointed shortly after partnering with a mentor.

Several  reason’s for this can be:

A.) They don’t feel that the mentor is doing enough for them.

B.) They don’t feel that the mentor is meeting their needs.

Quite often both of these problems can be eliminated if you start off by taking the following 4 steps to aid you in your search:

1.) Set a clear and specific goal

Set a clear and specific goal of what you want to achieve and have realistic expectations. Realize that the mentor is there as an experienced coach or leader that can provide you with pointers and guidance as to what steps or actions you need to take to develop the skills and abilities that you need to learn and master.

Many people think that the mentor will show them an easy way of doing things or a short cut to achieving a goal.  This is not the case with any real mentor. A true mentor has traveled that road and knows that there are no short cuts to true and lasting success.

2.) Do Your Research

Do your research – Try and get at least 3 – 5 good prospects to choose from.  This will allow you to pick the one that you feel will work best for you.  There are a number of ways to do this.

For example, you can ask your friends or family members if they know of someone who is good at mentoring others. This is usually one of the best ways of getting a good candidate for you to consider.

You can attend classes or training in which experts will be giving presentations.  Or you can check on line using the internet for people who are providing mentorship in the area that you are interested in.

3.) Get Referances

3.) Get references from others who have been mentored by your prospects. You don’t want to go only by the testimonials that may be provided to you, by the prospective mentor, from a predetermined list. It is better if you get your own feedback (if possible) from other previous students. Review sites and forums can help with this step, as well as places such as Yahoo Answers.

4.) Interview your prospects

4.) Try and arrange a personal meeting with your top 2 or 3 candidates and have a pre-written list of questions for them that will help you to determine which one might best suit your specific needs, based on your predetermined goals. With technology such as Skype, this need not involve long distance travel to accomplish.

Realize that it will take a commitment of time, discipline and effort on your part to follow the guidance of your mentor on a daily, consistent basis to get the desired results.

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Mentors And Internet Marketing…

One of the best pieces of advice you will ever receive is: “Find someone who is already successful and copy what they are doing.”

Now this isn’t an open invitation to plagiarism or infringing a copyright, but what is behind that statement is a very valid idea. A lot of times these folks may have a formal mentoring program, where they will teach you their ideas and techniques.

* How Do Mentors work

Generally, mentoring is a fee based system. An open invitation is extended for you to join a program for a set amount of money. Once the time, or number of students, limit has been reached, the mentor will close the program and begin the sessions.

Most of the time they start with basic information about getting started with internet marketing, choosing your market, etc., and them move up into the more advanced information, as needed.

Some programs will be basic only and others may be multilevel – basic, mid level and advanced. The way mentors usually teach is through a series of videos or a very in-depth step-by-step guide.

* Choosing A Mentor

When looking at whether you can work with a particular mentor be sure to find out if they offer eBooks, video or pod-cast style mentoring. This can influence your decision based on the type of learning you prefer. (what is your learning style: Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic/Tactile?)

With the advent of today’s technology: Webinars, Skype, web-based conference rooms, etc., on-line learning is almost a one-to-one proposition and mentoring programs can encompass all learning styles.

Some mentors offer all learning styles while others may offer either or. Knowing your learning style will help you in deciding which mentor to work with.

You are there to learn the techniques the mentor used to succeed in their chosen field. You’re spending money you worked hard to earn. You are learning from them, so they are going to make sure that you have all of the tools available at your disposal to see you succeed also. Their success is now dependent on your success.

Success means more clients for your chosen mentor, as you tell others about your success.

While some mentoring programs may be a one-to-one style, you might get more out of one which includes a number of students. This gives you many more ideas to look at, providing everyone really participates.

It can be different from mentor to mentor but this is generally how mentoring is accomplished.

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Are You A Mentor?

Most assuredly, You are a mentor!

Bet you didn’t know that hmmm?

One day one of your children came to you and asked a question. Maybe “Mom/dad…how does this contraption work”? You take some time to explain how, what, why and when. Now let’s take a look at what just happened here?

Someone needed a piece of information, a way to solve a problem. You had the information that facilitated the needed understanding. Information that person then acted on to accomplish the requisite task. It may have been a physical task (how do I build a house or drive a car?), a mental task (just exactly what is ‘Quantum Physics?) or… In imparting that knowledge you mentored that person. See, you never knew you were a mentor!

A Mentor is simply a guide who helps you advance from point A to point B to point C and so on. It is a way of passing information from one to another, whether for remuneration, education, or joy.

Mentoring can be a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many process. A high school teacher – one-to-many. A seminar with multiple speakers – many-to-many.

Every single one of us has the ability and knowledge to be a mentor. And, we do it on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Heck, we might even be mentoring our selves while we sleep -  through our dreams.

Mentoring can be a formal or an informal process and consist of verbal, or visual information, or any combination of techniques. The statement I made at the beginning of this article (“…someone asked…a question…”), would likely involve just a verbal response. If you wanted to teach about building a business on line, it would probably involve verbal as well as visual techniques, such as in an on-line class or attending a seminar or webinars.

Today the thirst for information and knowledge is one of the fastest growing areas in the world. And Mentoring is a way you help to satisfy that need. What you have to give – someone wants to receive. You have a very unique perspective on the world and sharing that perspective is what they are asking for.

We need ‘nontraditional’ thinking today when defining who we are, what we have to contribute and what can be accomplished together.  Seeing someone succeed at something, knowing you gave them that ability, is extremely rewarding

You don’t need a so called ‘expert’ title to be a mentor.

You are an expert at You! ‘You Are A Wonder‘!